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Obiba Sly Collins Drops New Single ‘Show Some Love’

Obiba Sly Collins 

Veteran highlife musician, Obiba Sly Collins, who has a number of albums to his credit, has officially released his much awaited single titled ‘Show Some Love’.

The mid-tempo track, according the musician, is yet to receive airplay on all the local radio stations throughout the country.

The lyrics are neatly arranged with good rhythms and drum beats to meet the demand of highlife music lovers.

The song, rendered in a mix of languages – Akan, English, Yoruba, and Igbo, is a continuation of the theme of love and empathy towards all fellow humans which he began in ‘Wonko Menko’ followed by ‘One Day’, ‘Love Is The Key’, ‘Real Love’ and ‘E’joo’ in which he paid tribute to a lot of African leaders whose lives are worthy of emulation.

The song also educates fellow Africans to extend that fellow-feeling and care to everyone irrespective of the individual’s tribe, religious conviction, sex, or language.

Speaking to the media, Obiba Sly Collins said for connoisseurs of highlife music, ‘Show Some Love’ will bring back memories of yesteryears when that genre ruled the airwaves.

“Though it is making a gradual return, it is not as loud as it should be as many singers – both male and female – have decided to kowtow and play cheap bubble gum music believing that it is the surest and fastest way to make money out of music,” he said.

He added, “This single will be among everybody’s highlife music collection, most especially at a time like this when few good sounds is being produced in Ghana.”

The legendary highlife musician who was born in the Ashanti Region but grew up in Nigeria where he mostly stayed with his mentor, Fela, can be described as an accomplished musician and a business man by all standards.

He returned to Ghana in 1994 and released his first album titled Don’t Forget Your Culture, followed by Yeboa Ghana album. In 2000 under Universal Records, Sly released his third album Odo Fantastic and in 2004 released Total Unity under OJEZ Music, a Nigeria-based record label.

Sly Collins released his fifth album with a peace song in 2008, then in 2012 he released an album with another peace song titled Peace Election for the 2012 election on which he featured all the presidential candidates in the song’s music video.

1n 2015, Sly released another album titled Voice of Reason which featured stars like Sherifa Gunu, Atinka, Kodzi and Sudha Parkeler from India.

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